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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Brighton & Hove Street Obstructions

Photographed this weekend in Lansdowne Place (Hove) and St James' Street (Kemptown) two cases of obstructions on our public highway. Here in Landsdowne Place near the seafront, the parked cars make progress for disabled people or mothers with prams very difficult. The picture shows the problem of getting past the street sign. Note the rubbish bags as well but that is another matter. This is St James' Street in Kemptown yesterday on a busy Saturday afternoon. I wish to highlight the many shop A-boards that are cluttering the street. With so many people in the picture not every A-board can be seen in the photograph. Once again for disabled people or mothers with prams progress along the street is made very difficult.


Blogger Colin B. Bennett said...

There is a problem with the photos in this post. I have my technical people looking into this.

07 February, 2005 00:04  
Blogger Colin B. Bennett said...

Hopefully my technical people have solved the photo problem

22 February, 2005 19:12  

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