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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Recent News/Moravian Adventure

Just before I set off on my latest adventure, a quick update. I have been instrumental in setting up a small group within Families Need Fathers (FNF). This group seeks to promote equal access for both parents to children in the event of seperation or divorce. The sub-group is called FNF Disability which consists of Non-Resident Parents (NRP) who have some knowledge of disability either because they are disabled themselves or because their children have disabilaties. If you are interested in this area, please click on FNF above. Some of you might notice a gap in posting to this Blog. I do not always have readers to help me do this and also I participated in a in a long walk in May. This was from St Martin's in the Fields (London) to Canterbury Cathedral. The 72 mile walk took 4 days and I did walk most of those miles. This annual event which I also did in 2005 is organised by Connections at St Martin in the Fields with the aim of helping vulnerable people in London & Kent. The walk website is here. Those TV fanatics amongst you be warned ! We had a film-maker embedded with us throughout. The film he made will be shown in three episodes on Channel 5 (in UK) early next year. You might see yours truly in this programme. The gap in posting to this blog might be due to me only just recovering from the walk. About my trip to Moravia : I leave the bus station at Pool Valley, Brighton (just near seafront) at 04:15 am on Friday 11 August. I am travelling by coach via Victoria Coach Station, London and Prague. I hope to at Brno Bus station at 09:00 am Saturday 12 August. Luckily I am going by coach and not by plane as many of my friends suggested. This seemed until today the most obvious thing to do. I think if I had booked a flight, I would never have left England this week and missed a much appreciated Holiday. So my quirky choice of travel has paid off ! I will be attending the 9th European Deafblind Holiday which is being held at the Orbita Leisure and Education Centre in Roznov pod Radhostem, (Moravia, Czech Republic). I am looking forward to a week with very good company in the Moravian mountains. In previous years I have attende d this holiday which has been in other countries and I expect that next week will be every bit as good. I hope that the organisers have kept some cold beer for me !! You can see details of this holiday online here. After the holiday I plan to spend a few days in Bohemia - I will be looking for the real Bohemians. I welcome any comments that you, readers (and I know there are many of you !) leave on this Blog. Just use the Comments facility by clicking on the word Comment below.


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