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Saturday, January 06, 2018

The Truth About Syria by Eva Bartlett

It is suggested that you attend this event if you possibly can: 
Dear All,
Thank you to all of those who've supported Frome Stop War during 2017. 
Our first event in 2018 will be one hosting the amazing Eva Bartlett, independent investigative journalist and peace activist, in an event entitled 'Syria, Lies and Video Tape'. 

The near seven year conflict in Syria is drawing to a close. Portrayed as a civil war by the mainstream, establishment and corporate media, the people of Syria have suffered under a proxy and deadly regime change attempt orchestrated from outside the country. 
Thankfully hostilities are drawing to a close. Six hundred thousand people having returned to East Aleppo since it was liberated by the Syrian government and Russian military from Western and Gulf Arab terrorists in November 2016. Thousands of acres of terrorist laid mines have been cleared, including civilian homes where booby traps were waiting for returning residents. 
Someone who visited Syria 6 times since commencement of hostilities, Eva Bartlett has fearlessly reported what the mainstream media wouldn’t, or daren’t, the side of the story that didn’t conform to the narrative of yet another ‘brutal dictator’ deserving of a Western backed deadly regime change. Eva gathered testimony from Syrian civilians, which ran contrary to the mainstream narrative – the same narrative which brought Libya to its knees turning that once peaceful nation into a haven for extremists. Eva is unbelievably brave and intelligent, and above all she speaks truth to power, the most insidious manifestation of that power being the compromised establishment and corporate media. 
Eva will reveal just some of the media deceptions, manipulations and omissions using the footage taken during her visits to Syria and first hand testimonies of Syrian citizens whose voice the mainstream has chosen to ignore. 
Please come to see this heroine of our time the seemingly fearless Eva Bartlett in ‘Syria, Lies and Video Tape’
Tickets available here: https://cheeseandgrain.ticketsolve.com/shows/873583423 
Best Wishes for 2018
Sheila Coombes
and all at Frome Stop War



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