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Sunday, November 26, 2006

King Alfred, Hove Proposed Redevelopment

For some time I have taken an interest in the proposed redevelopment of the site known as King Alfred which is on the seafront at Hove about 1 KM from my home. The existing building on the site is a leisure centre including a fairly new swimming pool. I remember that when the new swimming pool was proposed, I pointed out that it would be too small for the large population it would serve. I am sorry to say that this prediction proved correct. In recent times a developer has proposed redevelopment of the site which in the view of many would constitute a gross over-development. There have been many twists and turns in the story. The Planning Application has now been made available for public comment for a third time. The main card in the hands of the developer is the name of the architect who has been associated with the proposals: Frank Gehry of the USA. The proposals have little merit and consequently I have lodged an objection to them. You can see this statutory objection via this link (pdf document). I would be pleased if readers of my blog would take an interest in this subject and act accordingly. Well argued letters to the Planning Department of Brighton & Hove City Council or the local newspaper, The Argus often have a powerful effect on decision makers. A recent trip around the city brought home to me how some run down areas are crying out for major housing redevelopments, perhaps even involving striking architecture. The King Alfred site is not such a place.


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