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Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Message We've All Been Waiting For

At last Chelsea is free. It's been a long fight and she's only 29 years old. I'm sure we'll all celebrate this release and help her adjust to her new life. I did hear that she was thinking of not retiring to a private life but campaigning - no doubt after a break. According to this rumour, she wants to campaign for transgender rights. I feel that this would be a mistake. We all know about her sexual orientation but I'm not alone in thinking this is a private matter. What is more important on the world stage is Chelsea's brave decision to make available to Wikileaks those hundreds of thousands of emails that show the duplicity of US actions overseas. I think she should be celebrated as a whistle-blower and a campaigner for openness and against war and imperialism. Perhaps the rumour is wrong and she will do those things keeping her private life well... private.


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