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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

SAS Splendid Service for Db Passenger

Often programmes like In Touch (BBC Radio 4) concentrate on bad experiences by blind people while travelling by air. I wish to share my experience earlier this summer and show that things can also go well. This account was offered to the In Touch programme but they declined to use it. Text : My e-mail to the airline : Dear Sirs I attended the Helen Keller World Conference in Tampere, Finland from 2 to 7 June 2005 as a delegate. I have sight and hearing problems. My return journey between London Heathrow and Tampere was by SAS. The outward journey on 2 June 2005 was via Copenhagen and the return yesterday was via Stockholm. I cannot remember if I mentioned my sensory problems when I booked my flight via online agent ebookers. In any event, I have to say that the service afforded by SAS staff from the check in desk at Heathrow and throughout my travels was exemplary. I have some useful vision but guidance is always helpful. At all stages of the 4 legs of my journey I was treated with tact and understanding both on the ground and in the air. One hears stories of blind and other disabled people having difficult journeys and so I thought it would be encouraging for your staff to know that their efforts were well appreciated. I will mention in particular the help given to me when I arrived at Heathrow Terminal 3 about 10 pm last night. I was met by a gentleman wearing a navy blue uniform (an Englishman I think) who very patiently took me through Immigration, Customs and to the Central Bus Station. I think his name was Mr Howard. He is of serious demeanour and not too tall. With best wishes to your staff and long may these high standards prevail. Yours faithfully Colin Bennett Text: The e-mail response from the airline : Dear Mr. Bennett, What a good start to the day. Thank you so much for your e-mail just received. Your comments are greatly appreciated and you can be assured that I shall pass same to all our colleagues who were on duty (ground and crew staff alike) when you flew on 2nd June to Tampere (SK500/KF676) with a return on 12th June (KF483/SK1527). Our colleagues will be very pleased to know that their efforts were appreciated and recognised and again can I say on their behalf a very big thank you indeed for making the time to write to us. If ever I can be of assistance you are most welcome to contact me. Yours sincerely SAS SCANDINAVIAN AIRLINES www.scandinavian.net


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