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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Why do I Love My MP

Readers of my Blog might like to know why I have such a deep admiration for my MP Celia Barlow. There follows the original text of a letter that I hoped my local newspaper, The Argus might publish. Sadly this did not happen. However due to the power of the internet, I can share it with you here. LETTER Earlier this month I received a circular letter from a lady purporting to be my MP. Her name is Celia Barlow. In this rambling waffle-filled letter she claims to be a "life long environmental campaigner". Such is her concern for the environment, she sent me TWO copies of this circular by the same post. It began with "Dear Colin B." - an unusual salutation reminiscent of an out of control database. The letter invited me to a meeting at Ralli Hall in Hove and she enticed me with the offer of winning some goodies such as a "sustainable weekend in Paris". I do not know what that means but I hope it was not one with Ms Barlow. If Ms Barlow is a "life long environmental campaigner" then I am a Dutchman. She seems never to speak about the pollution caused by ever-increasing air travel although, to be fair to her, she was parachuted into Hove to be a candidate at the last general election, rather than using an aeroplane. Before and after her election she took no part in the campaign so save Hove Library for the citizens of the City. She supports the monstrous over development proposed for King Alfred. She has been an ardent supporter of pouring concrete over The Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty at Falmer which developers hiding behind Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club are promoting. I do not recall her supporting the outcome of the two public inquiries which rejected building any stadium on greenfield sights in favour of more suitable ones in the City. Ms Barlow never mentions that The Albion had a perfectly good football ground at the Goldstone in Hove before its owners evicted the team and its supporters in favour of commercial development on the site. Most importantly, Ms Barlow said not a word either before her election or subsequently about what must be the greatest threat to the planet's environment created by the current UK government. I refer to the bombardment, invasion, destruction and occupation of Iraq by UK and US forces. The horrendous cost of this illegal and immoral war is not only measured in the lives and limbs of Iraqis but in the destruction of the world's resources of oil and other assets of our planet. Any sincere campaigner for the environment would seek to divert the enormous costs of this war to the eradication of poverty and disease not only in our country but worldwide. Ms Barlow's two letters were in envelopes bearing the logo of the Legal and General insurance company who seem to be supporting her. Has Legal and General acquired the New Labour Party? That seems appropriate bearing in mind that that party supports private insurance rather than providing reasonable State pension for all of us. Like most people, I had thought that the New Labour Party was still a fully-owned UK subsidiary of the Pentagon.


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