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Sunday, May 20, 2018

More propaganda from the immigration industry

Please help stop illegal immigration into the UK and thwart those profiting from it...

I received this email from 38 Degrees, of which I am a member, as no doubt others did. It is a shameless attempt to encourage illegal immigration into the UK by people smugglers, slave employers and immigration lawyers.

I have done the opposite of what 38 Degrees have asked me to do. I have not signed a petition to let this person stay here. Instead, I am drawing your attention to this matter and I hope that you will encourage the Home Office and MPs to have proper controls on immigration, legal and illegal.

*Ten-year-old orphan ‘Stephen’ was picked up by gangsters in Vietnam and 
trafficked to the UK. For five years he lived through hell*, forced to work 
farming cannabis in terrible conditions. Luckily, *he was rescued by the 
police*, fostered by a local vicar and started a new life. *But now he’s over 
eighteen, the Home Office want to deport him.* [1]

It’s an ordeal no one should be put through. *As part of their clampdown on 
child trafficking the government has promised to “put victims first”. *[2] *But 
the government is failing Stephen*. After the Windrush scandal the Home Office 
has promised to become more compassionate, together we can make sure they do the 
right thing for Stephen. [3]

*A huge petition, signed by hundreds of thousands of us*, just as the Home 
Office is under pressure to change,*could be the boost Stephen’s case needs*. It 
could be enough to make sure they let Stephen stay in the country he calls home. 
*But we don’t have long. Stephen’s appeal against being deported is being heard 
in a few days*.


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