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Monday, July 16, 2018

Yet more suspicious special pleading from the immigration lobby

I recently received the email below purportedly from 38 Degrees which is a campaigning body which is mostly sensible. However, they seem to be exploited by the immigration lobby or exploiting us by working with it.

This email is not very convincing. It doesn't mention that these two Pakistanis which they call Scottish. Somer and Areeb, not very well known Scottish names, are in the UK illegally. They have gone through the full asylum process at enormous cost to the taxpayer. I suggest you write to the Home Office to ask them to stop spending money on worthless cases like this.

Upon going to the 38 Degrees website, we learn that these two boys are here with their parents. That information was conveniently excluded from the email from 38 Degrees. The whole thing is very suspicious. When will 38 Degrees stop wasting our time and its money on spurious appeals to our heart? If they want to think of the welfare of the children, they should speak about the plight of the Palestinian children, many of whom have been separated from their families forever - by death.

Oddly enough, the BBC and 38 Degrees don't want to talk about Palestine, do they?


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