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Thursday, December 28, 2006

14th Deafblind International (Dbl) World Conference

This is to remind readers of this important conference. This will be the biggest gathering of deafblind people ever and I would encourage readers of this blog to take an interest and consider participating. This applies in particular to those in the southern hemisphere. I will be attending and in fact I intend to present a paper. I have drawn up an abstract of my paper and this has been sent to the conference organisers. This draft has been forwarded to the section considering papers/workshops to be given at the conference. I am very excited about the opportunity to give this paper and welcome any contributions in this endeavour. I will update this blog with news of progress. Here is the text of my draft so far : TITLE: Identification and control by UN member states of weapons designed to cause blindness and /or deafness. A) Brief statement of contents. 1. Are there weapons designed to cause blindness and/ or deafness? Yes. Brief description of them. 2. Where are these weapons manufactured? Where have they been used? 3. What legislation have UN member states introduced to identify, regulate and licence the manufacture of such weapons. 4. What are the international controls on the export/import and use of these weapons by parties under the jurisdiction of UN member states? 5. How informed are their organisations of and for deaf, blind and deafblind people in all UN member states about this issue. 6. Should DbI and it's constituent organisations take a stand on this issue? 7. Should this subject be addressed in the UN Convention on Disability, now in gestation? B) DESCRIPTION OF PRESENTATION 1. I propose to begin my presentation by putting the above questions to the audience. 2. I will then give answers as far as I can to my own questions. 3. I will then seek the views on these topics of the audience. I prefer that those people writing to address these matters provide written contributions that can be distributed before the conference begins. C) SUMMARY OF MAIN PURPOSE OF PRESENTATION 1. Obviously the intention of the paper is to direct the attention of the DbI and the db movement in general to the existence of these weapons. I would like to use this paper as a springboard to force governments to debate these issues in their legislatures and in other forums. I am looking for a resolution emanating from this paper/ workshop directing the DbI ruling body to take note of the contents of this paper/ workshop and any decisions/ recommendations flowing from it. I am well aware that some organisations will wish to avert their eyes from the subject of this paper/ workshop.


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