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Thursday, May 08, 2014

Complaint to the BBC about fabrications about alleged barrel bombs

Here is a complaint I made to the BBC about the Today Programme that aired on 28 April 2014.


Subject: Fabricated reporting

On the Today programme was a report from Ian Pannell concerning an alleged bombing in Aleppo. There is a person calling himself Ian Pannell but I don't think he's ever been to Syria. He spends much time in Turkey making propaganda videos with the supporters of invading Jihadist forces.

This report, backed up by video footage, is false. The film shows government civil defence forces rushing to the site of a barrel bomb explosion. If these are genuine civil defence workers then surely the government was in control of the area and would hardly drop bombs there nor allow Mr Pannell to film. Mr Pannell uses the term, 'believe that thousands have been killed,' but 'believed' by whom? The Syrian government denies that it is using barrel bombs, which I believe are a BBC invention. There is a statement that the Syrian government is using these bombs to 'target rebel positions.' But since the government denies that it uses barrel bombs it would hardly say that it is using them in any way! Syria has modern weapons,why would it use medieval ones?

The item reminds one of a Panorama film from 30 September alleging that there was a napalm attack in Syria on 26 August. This film has been completely debunked as crude propaganda.

I feel that Lord Reith would turn in his grave at the BBC being used as a propaganda tool for the policies of the current government.

Colin Bennett


My new Twitter friend, Robert Stuart, @cerumol, very kindly drew my attention to a similar complaint made by David Halpin FRCS and posted by him on a message board here.

He also pointed out that Ian Pannell was nominated as International Journalist of the Year by an outfit called 'One World Media.' I note with some relish that their patrons include Prince El-Hassan of Jordan and Jon Snow, well known interpreter of world events for imperialism. I'm minded to nominate Mr Pannell for the Nobel Peace Prize so he can join Henry Kissinger, Barack Obama and the EU.

I haven't yet received any reply from the BBC.

Do please make your own complaints.


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