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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

DAAG Meeting of 30 January 2007

I am pleased to report that todays meeting of Brighton & Hove's Disability Access Advisory Group (DAAG) discussed in a cordial way our Council's recent decision to end its arrangement with DisabledGo. A motion was carried with only one vote against, informing the Council that it should rescind its decision to stop its funding for DisabledGo. Further it asked the Council to pay all outstanding sums to DisabledGo and to be more open with everyone about what it does in relation to other bodies. We also asked the Council to co-operate with Brighton & Hove Federation of Disabled People and to keep DAAG informed. There have been some comments on this blog concerning the DisabledGo issue. I welcome comments and encourage readers to participate. Please click the word comments below the relevant posting. You will then be able to see any previous comments and add your own. You may well find that I respond too.


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