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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

New Development St James' Place in Brighton

The phenomenon of 'Stopping-Up' Orders on public rights of way causes many of us great concern. When an application to 'stop up' St James' Place in Brighton a couple of years ago was mooted, I reacted. St James' Place has been a public thoroughfare for at least two centuries. The residents wanted it stopped up and it seemed to some of us that this was merely to turn their attractive houses into a 'gated community'. I objected and the matter went to a Public Enquiry. I lost there although I was supported by the Ramblers' Association and the Open Spaces Society. I then took the matter to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg where it now sits. As with other initiatives I have launched including my successful DDA claim against Brighton & Hove City Council, I decided to put all the documents (all 113) in this case online. There are two main reasons for this :
  1. I am an advocate of greater transparency in legal processes and these documents are now available to all.
  2. I wish to show these documents to likely Barristers in pursuit of Pro Bono help: this seems an easy way to provide access to the documents instead of moving large quantities of paper around.
These documents are part of my collection of dossiers which can be seen here.


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