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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Hove Library Council (P&R) Meeting

Brighton & Hove City Council Policy & Resources Committee will be discussing Hove Library at their meeting on Wednesday 13 April at 4 pm (Council Chamber Hove Town Hall). Details of the agenda item are NOT on the council website !

Friday, April 01, 2005

Hove Library Bibliography

The Argus of 1 April 2005 has several letters about Hove Library and the B&H City Council Culture & Tourism Sub-Committee meeting of 24 March 2005. While mentioning some of the letters, some links to sources are provided. Christopher Hawtree's letter mentions an Audit Commission's 2002 report on libraries. This link is to the report Lifelong Learning and Libraries, Brighton and Hove City Council (August 2002). Also mentioned in this letter is the Commons Select Committee (Gerald Kaufman MP Chairman)report on Public Libraries (3rd Report) 10 March 2005. Report here and Oral and Written Evidence Volume II here. An informative and compelling letter about the meeting and the issues at Hove Library is from Anthea Ballam, Hove's Green Party Parliamentary Candidate. Her Hove Library Blog entry is here and is well worth reading. While on this subject Keith Taylor Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Brighton Pavilion has also written about Hove Library on his blog here.

* Where is Ken Bodfish ?