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Sunday, March 23, 2014

What the BBC is not reporting today pt.1

One of my interests is finding the news relevant to the big topics of the day that the BBC just won't touch. Here is something the BBC isn't reporting on today: A leaked phone call that reveals that Ukraine's new leaders hired snipers to shoot protesters as well as the police:



Two questions:
The Israelis shot dead four Palestinians in the West Bank on 22 March.
Q1. Did the BBC censor this?
Q2.  Is the Pope a Catholic?

Stay tuned for further instalments in this gripping series!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Recent information from Wikileaks

Wikileaks, founded by Julian Assange (currently trapped in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London)
is one of the best sources of information on this planet. I recommend it to my readers. Here are two recent articles which should increase our knowledge:

1. From WL Central (an endorsed Wikileaks resource): Swedish Prosecutor Asks for Assange Case to be Closed


This is fascinating and essential for those trying to work out what Sweden has been doing with regards to Wikileaks.

2. Dispatches from the Edge (a blog from Conn M. Hallinan, columnist for Foreign Policy In Focus): Wikilieaks, Ukraine and Nato


This is an important source for those who are wondering what Nato has been up to in the Ukraine: we certainly won't learn that form the BBC!

You might wish to follow Wikileaks on Twitter @wikileaks and also subscribe to the Dispatches from the Edge blog, which you can do simply by entering your email address in the "Subscribe" section to the right of the linked article.