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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The latest concerning the "Middle East Peace Envoy"

It had to happen!

Hard to believe but a so-called charity called "Save the Children" has nominated Tony Blair for an award for services to children!

Here is the link from 38 Degrees for a petition to revoke this "award". Please sign:


Can we expect a nomination for awarding posthumously the Nobel Peace Prize to Adolf Hitler?

Justin Forsyth, CEO of Save the Children, has long been associated with Blair and with Gordon Brown to whom he was Special Advisor while he was Prime Minister. Forsyth has long been a supporter of the UK's various wars and has manipulated the children of Syria in the guise of "assisting refugees" to promote the war against Syria.

Here is a link to the Daily Mail article about Save the Children's leaders awarding themselves bonuses:

I can find no article on this matter in The Guardian which is perhaps not surprising as The Guardian was a keen supporter of Blair and his wars.

Below is an email I sent to the BBC on 11 September 2013:

"I wish to complain about the behaviour of Save the Children in connection with the Syrian crisis. I'm particularly unhappy abut what Mr Justin Forsyth is doing and saying in connection with that country.

As a visually impaired person I listen to the radio a good deal and in particular BBC Radio 4 and 5. I take a great interest in world affairs.

On several occasions I have heard comments spoken by Mr Forsyth in which he takes an extremely partisan standpoint in support of the "rebels" and those "Western" and Gulf states supporting them. I've long had grave doubts about Mr Forsyth's integrity especially as it is widely known he was in cahoots with Mr Gordon Brown and Mr Tony Blair, the so-called Middle East peace envoy. My understanding is that Save The Children receives money and support from Mr Blair, as well as, it is said, the present UK government.

On 7 August 2013 the Daily Telegraph reported that the executives received a bonus of £160,000. Although, as far as I know, the BBC did not report this interesting item, frankly, it didn't surprise me one jot. I think it gives a good flavour of what he executive want out of their position.

Mr Forsyth never ceases to make war propaganda and I mention in particular his contributions on Radio 5live yesterday, 10 September 2013. Allegedly, he was at a refugee centre near Syria (Jordan, I think) and he spent a long time making propaganda against the Syrian Government and accuse them of many inhuman acts. He also reported accounts which he says he cleaned from child refugees. We do not know the veracity of Mr Forsyth nor of the children that he allegedly spoke to. Children have a tendency, especially if they are in unknown and difficult circumstances, to sing for the supper. It is a mistake to always believe what children, especially traumatised ones, say especially as they are often astute enough to realise what they are expected to say. Only yesterday, we heard the result of a whole series of lies and extreme perjury from a 17 year old girl alleging that she was the victim of serious sexual attacks by a "celebrity". The jury of 8 women and 4 men took just 4 hours to find him not guilty on all the twelve charges.

I know others who are very sceptical about Save the Children being a charity to help children rather than a propaganda agency for those trying to destroy Syria.

I condemn Mr Forsyth in the strongest possible way as he has brought the concept of chairty a bad name.  We know that the British public, normally generous in donating to bully-suffering, has given very little for Syrian refugees. The very likely reason is the widespread scepticism about what many so-called charities are actually doing in and near Syria.

Should I not receive a proper response I will take the matter to the charity commission.

Thank you

Yours faithfully

Colin Bennett "

Here is the link to the Daily Telegraph article mentioned above:


Wednesday, November 05, 2014

US-Cuba relations over the years

Did you know that Henry Kissinger planned to bomb Havana, Cuba?

There was an interesting article on the relations between the USA and Cuba on a Democracy Now! broadcast, 2 October 2014. Amy Goodman interviews Peter Kornbluh and William LeoGrande about this fascinating and never-ending issue. They have written a book called "Back Channel to Cuba: The Hidden History of Negotiations between Washington and Havana".

Follow the link below for the interview:


Tuesday, November 04, 2014

The work of reporter US James Risen

 This item broadcast on Democracy Now! on 14 October 2014 discusses the courageous work by the intrepid journalist James Risen. He exposed the serious problems that whistleblowers undergo in the modern USA. His life ended tragically when he couldn't get work. This is worth hearing.


Interview by Amy Goodman of celebrated author Jeremy Scahill

This two part interview was broadcast by Democracy Now! in two segments on 3 October 2014. Jeremy Scahill is the author of "Dirty Wars" which is very much worth reading. It's also now a film. He offers an excoriating critique of Obama and the Clintons among many other things.

Part  One:


Part Two:

Monday, November 03, 2014

The Nazis Next Door

Good morning from rainy (unusually this year) Hove in East Sussex,

I'm catching up on my blog postings. Here is an interview, in two parts, with Eric Lichtblau which was broadcast on 31 October 2014 on Democracy Now.

It's an eye opener!

Part 1:
Part 2: