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Friday, September 30, 2005

Claim Under the DDA in Brighton County Court by Colin Bennett Against Brighton & Hove City Council

*** This post will not be updated anymore *** For the latest updates to my DDA case please click here. This posting, made on 30 September 2005, consists of the paperwork created so far in my DDA claim against Brighton & Hove City Council. The physical paperwork is in three mini files called, respectively: Initial mini-file, Supplementary mini-file and Continuation mini-file. Some of the links are to images (jpg). Please note that the size of the images can be increased by clicking on the box that appears in the lower right corner of the image. Beginning of Initial mini-file: Particulars of Claim with continuation sheet both dated 29 July 2005 Page 1 Page 2 Continuation Sheet Document 1. Letter dated 3 February 2005 from Colin Bennett to Chief Executive of B&H City Council Document 2. Letter dated 15 February 2005 from Chief Executive to Colin Bennett Document 3. Letter dated 17 February 2005 from Colin Bennett to Chief Executive Document 4. Letter dated 24 February 2005 from Chief Executive to Colin Bennett Page 1 Page 2 Document 5. Email printout dated 24 May 2005 from Colin Bennett to Amanda (caseworker) of the Disability Rights Commission Document 6. Email printout dated 17 June 2005 from Colin Bennett to Councillors Elgood and Watkins
Beginning of Continuation mini-file:
Document 15. (p. 1-2) Notice of Hearing and General Form of Order Page 1 Page 2
Document 16. Letter dated 27 Sep 2005 from Council to Colin B&HCC Agreement to revised date of hearing
Document 18. Amended Particulars of Claim (25 Oct 2005) Document 18A. Schedule of Dates Document 19. Letter dated 24 from Colin to Judge Document 20. Resubmitted Particulars of Claim (11 Nov 2005) Document 21. Letter dated 13 Nov 2005 from Colin to Judge and Ms Jones Document 22. Defence Document 23. Email from Colin to Mrs Jones Document 23A. Article dated 23 Nov 2005 in Latest Homes magazine Document 24 (p 1-2). Notice of Hearing and General Form of Order page 1 page 2 Document 25. Richard Scott's Witness Statement Document 26. Statement of evidence 10 Dec Document 27. Proposed Directions Document 28. Letter dated 10 Dec from Colin to Judges and Mrs Jones Document 29. This is merely the amended particulars of claim resubmitted unaltered on 12 December 2005 (Document 20) Document 30. Letter from Brighton & Hove City Council proposing settlement of the case dated 20 December 2005 Document 31. Letter from Brighton & Hove City Council : Proposed Directions for Case Management dated 28 December 2005 Document 32 Letter to Judge dated 03 January 2006 Document 32A Extract of Disability Discrimination Act 2005 Chapter 13 (sent with Document 32)

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Statins Medication

All of you regular readers of this blog will know that I have recently had a heart attack. Following my discharge from hospital I have been taking medication and therefore this article from BBC News Online was of interest to me. There were also similar articles in newspapers and on radio. I have always checked my blood pressure which is excellent. I have never checked my cholesterol level until now. It is 6.7 which until a few years ago was considered normal: is now considered high. I recommend that people take an interest in their cholesterol level as it can be reduced if it is too high.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Return of Colin

Colin has returned home after the angiogram yesterday was declared successful by the surgeons. For six weeks the regime is to take it easy.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Colin Update 04

The angiogram took place this afternoon ! Keep checking this Blog for more updates.

Colin Update 03

As previously mentioned it was expected by hospital staff that Colin would have an angiogram yesterday. This did not happen so Colin is still waiting. More news will be posted when it happens !

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Colin Update 02

The following is from Colin direct from the Hospital this afternoon : Colin is in good humour and has got to know some of the others on his ward. He says the hospital is feeding him OK and the nursing staff are giving him nearly enough attention. He is being kept updated on world events and entertained by Radio 4. The angiogram is expected on Monday (hopefully) and Colin is keen to get home.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Colin Update 01

The following is from Colin direct from the Hospital this afternoon : Colin wishes to inform everyone that following his admission to Hospital it was confirmed that he suffered a heart attack on Monday. He is waiting for an angiogram to be conducted and is wondering if an angiogram is less fun than a kissogram. Colin said that he realises that he will have to make some changes after this week but he hopes to remain his campaigning self. All the messages relayed to Colin especially those left on this Blog are greatly appreciated.

Announcement on behalf of Colin

On Monday morning Colin felt very unwell and was taken to Hospital. He is staying there for tests and will be in touch on his return. There is a waiting list for the tests so the timing is not certain. Please check this Blog for updates and you are welcome to leave comments in the comments facility which will be relayed to Colin and surely cheer him up ! You can leave a comment for any of the items on the Blog by clicking on the word comments below the text.