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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

What has been happening to me?

I have been so, so busy since I returned from my European trip in late August 2009. The most important activity was preparing to represent Sense (and therefore the UK since I was the only UK rep) at the Helen Keller World Conference (HKWC) and World Federation of Deafblind (WFDB) Conferences held in Munyonyo on Lake Victoria not far from Kampala which is the capital of Uganda. I shall be writing about those ten days elsewhere and I will probably put some of my reports on my blog. For the moment I just mention that it was a success from all points of view. You can see seven photos giving a taster of that time here. All the photos I took (in fact, nearly all were not taken by me!) can be found on my flickr photogallery. Click the link here to reach that gallery. My next adventure will be in Hungary. Before 6am on Friday 6 November I leave home to travel to Gatwick whence I fly to Budapest and thence to Debrecen in eastern Hungary. I'm taking up a post at the White Cane Foundation in that city which is well to the east of Budapest. I shall be teaching English to blind children and to blind adults undergoing rehabilitation training. I shall be there for some months. If you want to follow my progress I refer you to this blog. I do intend to write a book about my experiences at the foundation and I hope it will be interesting. If I knew the Hungarian for 'bye for now' I would write it. But I don't yet know it. In fact I only know five words in Hungarian, three of which I have forgotten already. Colin Bennett, Hove 4 November 2009