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Friday, February 18, 2005

An American Classic

This link is for my homesick American friends in general and those from the Washington DC area in particular. Five Guys

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Hove Library

Over the last year or so the people of B&H have been faced with losing their beloved Library in Hove. This Library which is a listed building was presented to Hove in 1907 by the US philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. Our Council had the crazy idea of closing down the library and transferring the contents to Hove Town Hall. There was a not-so-secret-agenda here ! Encouragingly, the people of Hove reacted against this stupid plan including organising a 4,000 signature petition. Our council was defeated. The next chapter in the Hove Library saga is the Council's proposals to alter the building to meet the needs of 'disabled access'. These proposals involve installing two lift shafts rather than the one recommended by the Councils own conservation officers. These shafts would destroy the integrity of the Carnegie building ground floor. It is also proposed to site a 'disabled toilet' in an area now used for books. The most obvious place for this is at a lower level. An active local resident has proposed a comprehensive plan involving a single external lift shaft and the thoughtful provision of toilets for 'able bodied' and 'disabled' people. The Council has not so far addressed these proposals but is pursuing its own proposals.

Brighton & Hove Street Obstructions

Photographed this weekend in Lansdowne Place (Hove) and St James' Street (Kemptown) two cases of obstructions on our public highway. Here in Landsdowne Place near the seafront, the parked cars make progress for disabled people or mothers with prams very difficult. The picture shows the problem of getting past the street sign. Note the rubbish bags as well but that is another matter. This is St James' Street in Kemptown yesterday on a busy Saturday afternoon. I wish to highlight the many shop A-boards that are cluttering the street. With so many people in the picture not every A-board can be seen in the photograph. Once again for disabled people or mothers with prams progress along the street is made very difficult.