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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Another Article

I'm catching up with my promise to update my blog. I think the readers might be interested in this article that I wrote about the Norwegian Holiday in August 2007. It has been translated into Norwegian and perhaps other languages. I hope you enjoy the article and perhaps it will encourage you to come and join us for the next holiday in Sopron, Hungary. Colin

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Catching up on overlooked tasks

I have neglected updating my blog somewhat. However, I am making amends by posting an article I wrote in Autumn 2005 concerning the Helen Keller World Conference held in Tampere, Finland in that year. You can read that article here. As I am in hyperactive mode today, I have decided to break new ground by trying to put a video (or rather a succession of stills) on my blog. It is announcing the 11th European Deafblind European Holiday which will be held in Sopron, Hungary in August 2008. I would like to encourage you or any adult you know to participate; it will be a holiday to remember. To see the "video" click here. More soon... Colin

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Important Announcement

Despite rumours I am still alive and very much so. The reason I have not updated my blog in recent months is that I have been too busy making history to write about it. However, I want to assure readers (both of them) that I will try to put postings on my blog more frequently. I have a comment and I am answering that very briefly. "Matt: the conference went very well for me but I have my observations. I shall be writing about the Conference and my trip northwards from Perth afterwards." In the meantime, I am letting you know that I took (or rather had taken for me) many photos with my new digital camera - which I must say is a joy. I can actually take pictures with it. There's no cost associated with taking false pictures with a digital camera (unlike a film camera) and so I can shoot away asking a sighted person to tell me whether I have captured anything interesting. All the photos I took in Western Australia are on my new Flickr photo gallery. If you would like to see them then just click here and your life will never be the same again. When you get onto my photo gallery you have access to all my photos there so happy browsing... End of today's posting.