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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Explanatory Note on the Debate in the House of Lords Concerning Cluster Munitions

Lord Elton opened a debate in the House of Lords in connection with Lords Dubs' Private Member's Bill "Cluster munitions (Prohibition) Bill 2006-2007" on 17 May 2007. Will Moy, Parliamentary Assistant to Lord Low (who spoke in the debate and who is Chairman of the RNIB) has given this useful explanation of what happened on that day. "The proceedings yesterday were simply a debate in the House of Lords.They were completely separate from Lord Dubs' Bill. That Bill completed its passage through the Lords in February and is now waiting for a second reading in the House of Commons, so the Lords is done with it. The Commons is highly unlikely to ever give it a second reading; this is normal for Lords' Private Members Bills. Every Thursday, the Lords debate two motions on issues of general importance. If the debate is prompted by the publication of a report, the motion is 'to take note'. If the motion is not about a report, then the motion is 'for the papers'. Motions to take note are customarily agreed to; motions for the papers are always withdrawn by their proposer. Motions are used to have a discussion not as a way for the House to express its opinion, and that is why the motions get withdrawn at the end of the debate. When Lord Elton said (from memory) 'I beg leave, with some reluctance, to withdraw the motion' he was just sticking to the procedure of the House but just trying to underline the importance of the cause by saying 'with some reluctance' in that wistful fashion. The speakers in the debate were overwhelmingly supportive of Lord Elton and Lord Dubs, so it achieved its purpose. The hope now is that the Government will notice that and negotiate willingly in Lima at the next round of the Oslo process." You can access the whole debate by going to the Parliament website which is www.parliament.co.uk and under the section "PUBLICATIONS & RECORDS" you will find the link for "Lords Publications". Then go to "Lords Hansard" and "Lords Hansard - Past Editions" and find the record for 17 May 2007 and in it the topic "Cluster Munitions". The quickest way is to click here.

Friday, May 18, 2007

New DDA Claim : Brighton and Sussex University Hospital NHS Trust

On 15 May 2007 I issued proceedings in Brighton County Court against Brighton and Sussex University Hospital NHS Trust under the DDA. This was because I have failed so far to get the Trust to install functioning induction loops or infra-red systems in their main chambers i.e. their Board Rooms. To find this new Dossier go to "All My Online Dossiers" and then "Claim against Brighton and Sussex University Hospital NHS Trust".

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Deafblind Holidays

Readers might recall that I am a keen advocate of the European Deafblind holidays. I have attended the last three of these. You can see a list of all of the holidays here. We have to thank mainly Jan Jakes of the Czech Republic for the success of these holidays. As you may know, I took many photographs of the holidays in Sweden, Bulgaria and Moravia. If you wish to see these, please e-mail me and I will send an invitation to view them. I know that the deadline is 30 April but I think if you ask nicely, there are still places. I draw your attention to the European Deafblind Union (EDBU) whose website has the following information about the forthcoming holiday this summer :

European Deafblind Holiday 2007

The 10th European Deafblind Holiday takes place in Norway! This will be based at the Sogne Conference Centre, town of Sogne, which is near Kristiansand at the south coast of Norway. It will be held from Monday 6 August to Sunday 12 August 2007. The deadline for registration is 30 April 2007.

Also please note :

For the future

Holidays of deafblind people are moving across Europe! Wanted! Holiday Hosts for Summer 2008 and following in Europe!

It is hoped that a European deafblind holiday will be held every year, each time in a different country. It would be excellent if other national organisations of deafblind people would be willing to organise holidays in the future.

From : http://www.edbu.org/index.shtml I shall attend the holiday in Norway and look forward to meeting new people and making new friends as well as renewing old friendships.