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Friday, August 31, 2007

Perth Paper by Colin Bennett of the UK

Paper by Colin Bennett of the UK for the 14th DbI World Conference in Perth, WA, September 2007 I must apologise to my readers for not having put a posting on my blog for some time. This does not mean that I have been idle - far from it. I have just had so many other things to do including writing a Paper for the 14th DbI World Conference that will be held in Perth, Western Australia in September 2007. I am fortunate in that I am representing Sense at this conference and will be presenting the Paper there. I must stress that the Paper reflects my own views and not those of Sense. To see this paper which is called: Identification and Control by UN Member States of Weapons Designed to Cause Blindness and/or Deafness, click here. There is also a powerpoint 'slideshow' which you can see by clicking here.