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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Horrible organisations by the EU are not invincible!

*The dodgy trade deal known as CETA has been blocked!* The deal was due to 
be signed this Thursday. But *yesterday, the parliament of Wallonia, part of 
Belgium, refused to sign.* *Instead, they sided with millions of us across 
Europe* - a huge, people-powered roadblock.

*It’s a plucky move to stand up for democracy in the face of corporate and EU 
Goliaths.* The Walloons are blocking CETA because the deal could allow banned 
chemicals into our food and let big business sue our government in secret 
courts. Here in the UK, the worst bits of CETA would still apply for 20 
years after we leave the EU.

*The Walloons are the only parliament listening to their people on CETA. And 
they’re under HUGE pressure to crack. So let's send them a big people-powered 
message of support*, showing them they’re not alone against CETA. *It will help 
give them the strength to hold firm* as pressure is piled on them to sign this 
dodgy deal.

Readers of my blog will be uplifted by this email from 38 Degrees (a widely supported pressure group in the UK) concerning the scuppering of the CETA diktat.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I draw attention to the iniquitous behaviour of Hewlett Packard in relation to the Palestinians

I have received an email from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign which I would like you to see and to take action that you think appropriate.

Here is the link:


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Yet more information about White Helmets

I've made this further blog post (sorry I'm going backwards in time) due to the importance of the White Helmets propaganda campaign. The article by Max Blumenthal is on Alternet. The link to Alternet is www.alternet.org and I suggest you consult it. To be frank I've only just discovered it.


More about the White Helmets and Chatham House

Further to the blog post I made just now, here is a request from Robert Stuart, the indefatigable peace campaigner, in correspondence with Chatham House. This post contains a lot of information about the current campaign by Imperialism to promote the White Helmets.

Dear Linda

Thank you for your reply re: Chatham House's screening of The White Helmets today. (I note that winner of the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize, for which the White Helmets are nominated, is also to be announced this evening).

Could you kindly forward these questions to Lord Williams. I hope he may consider putting them to Joanna Natasegara, the film's producer, and to James Sadri, Director of The Syria Campaign, during the Q&A this evening.

1) Why are the White Helmets not recognised by the International Civil Defence Organisation (ICDO) [1]?

Decades before the White Helmets, aka "Syria Civil Defence", was founded under the supervision of British military contractor James LeMesurier in Turkey in 2013 [2] there already existed a Syria Civil Defence, established in 1953 and which was a founder member of the ICDO in 1972. This original Syria Civil Defence works in both opposition and government held areas, unlike the White Helmets who operate solely in the former. [3]

Vanessa Beeley writes:

"Other ICDO partners include the UN Department of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), Secretarian of the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UNISDR), International Search and Rescue Advisory Group (INSARAG), World Health Organisation (WHO), United Nations of Geneva (UNOG), Red Cross and the Red Crescent.

To our knowledge and according to the Head Quarters of the REAL Syria Civil Defence in Damascus, the White Helmets are NOT a member of the ICDO. The REAL Syria Civil Defence have received awards for their participation in the training of other member states in USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) and for their contributions to the Civil Defence community, prior to the NATO dirty war on Syria that began in earnest, in 2011." [3]

The headquarters of the ICDO recently stated that "Actually the White Helmets are not even civil defence, concretely" [4].

2) What explanations can there be for the preponderance of highly disturbing images and videos of White Helmets such as those below? Other instances depict uniformed White Helmets carrying weapons [5], attending the murder of a young man [6], giving the victory sign over a pile of dead Syrian soldiers [7] and boasting about throwing the corpses of Syrian forces members "in the trash". [8]


3) Why, in September 2016, did The Syria Campaign encourage 73 aid organizations operating in opposition-held territory, including the White Helmets, to suspend their cooperation with the UN aid program? Max Blumenthal writes:

As the Guardian noted in its coverage, �The decision to withdraw from the Whole of Syria programme, in which organisations share information to help the delivery of aid, means in practice the UN will lose sight of what is happening throughout the north of Syria and in opposition-held areas of the country, where the NGOs do most of their work.� [9]

Yours sincerely

Robert Stuart


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[2] https://off-guardian.org/2016/10/05/fact-sheet-on-the-white-helmets/
[3] http://21stcenturywire.com/2016/09/23/exclusive-the-real-syria-civil-defence-expose-natos-white-helmets-as-terrorist-linked-imposters/
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[9] http://www.alternet.org/world/inside-shadowy-pr-firm-thats-driving-western-opinion-towards-regime-change-syria


Inside the Shadowy PR Firm That�s Lobbying for Regime Change in Syria
Posing as a non-political solidarity organization, the Syria Campaign leverages local partners and media contacts to push the U.S. into toppling another Middle Eastern government.

"Peace" Prize for leader of Colombian death squads

Yesterday I reported the good news that the odious "White Helmets" did not get the "Peace" Prize. Surely they were nefarious enough to warrant it just as Kissinger was?

The Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos received it instead. Who is this man? Here is a current extract from "The Lifeboat News":


Here is the link to Lifeboat News:


Because the extract I am telling you about is on a rolling message board and will clear in a week or two I'm posting it here:

Leader of Death Squads Wins Colombian Election
(James Petras 2010)


Juan Manuel Santos, notorious Defense Minister in the regime of outgoing President Alvaro Uribe and closely identified with high crimes against humanity “won” the recent Presidential elections in Colombia, June 2010.

According to the White House and media, death squad democracies like Colombia now qualify as “role models” for Latin America. The problem is that neither the vast majority of Latin America citizens, nor most of the democratic parties in the region are buying: they prefer democracies without deathsquads, foreign military bases and narco-dealing Presidents. At present, the White House’s three leading allies in the region, Colombia, Peru and Mexico produce and sell 80% of the cocaine in the region. Will this appear in the media’s salutations to newly elected presidents?

The Nobel Prize is a sick joke

Monday, October 10, 2016

A rebuf for those promoting the White Helmets

There was some very good news in recent days. The so-called Nobel Peace Prize Committee decided not to award the terrorist group, the White Helmets, that prize. I surmise that the group of retired right-wing Norwegian politicians who run that committee were aware that it would be long before the true nature of the White Helmets was known to everyone.

Here are three pieces on the subject of the White Helmets. Would you please forward them to all those who would be interested.