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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Thank you, Democracy Now!

I thought my readers would like to have the chance to see the Democracy Now! article of 10 February 2015. In the wake of the Brian Williams scandal, Democracy Now! have posted a history of their exposes of lies in the build up to the Iraq War:


Amy Goodman also recently received a much-deserved I.F. Stone Journalism Award alongside Laura Poitras. The link below contains her acceptance speech. It is worth a listen. Talk about eloquence!


This saga reminds me of the old adage:

The truth will out.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Interesting interview with John Kiriakou

There was a fascinating interview with John Kiriakou, the former CIA agent who was jailed as a whistle-blower, on Democracy Now! of 9 February 2015. He's now been released from jail but is under house arrest and after that he will be under observation for another three years.

It's people like this that inspire us. Here is the link:


Thursday, February 05, 2015

Save Brighton Hippodrome!

I don't often make reference to local (Brighton and Hove) issues on my blog but I thought I would draw attention to this petition. It is to save the Brighton Hippodrome from being turned into cinema screens and shops. The Hippodrome is a historic theatre and dance hall which has been left to decline. Inexplicably, the Council has given planning permission for the cinema/retail option. Those developers have now pulled out, it seems, and there's a good opportunity to save the Hippodrome.

Please consider signing this petition and informing people about what is happening. This matter need not only concern local people but everyone as Brighton is often visited by people from all over the world and there's a great demand for live theatre. We have quite enough shops already!

Thank you very much.


Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Another masterpiece from Democracy Now!

Today I give a link to the edition of Democracy Now! for 3 February 2015. It contains some very useful information particularly on two subjects which the BBC is very quiet about.

One is what the US and its puppets are doing in the Ukraine. It's not clear that Obama knows what the US is doing there but the "War Party" is obviously planning a new war there. Professor Coen of Princeton University gives a good explanation.

The second is a brilliant explanation of what the US and the West is doing in the Middle East, Near East and North Africa.

Worth listening to!